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Welcome to our rainforest web site!

We are four students and a teacher who learn together in the middle of the rainforest in South America. We want to share some of our experiences with you.  We try to study the environment around us.
We are now in our third year at Raleighvallen (and our second year of this website).  Right now--November, 2005--there is a very large building project.  Timberframers ffrom the UK, the USA and Canada are raising a 3 part building that will include a restaurant, reception center and raised viewing platform.
You can follow the progress at http://www.tfguild.org/suriname/index.html

The frame was raised in three weeks by 16 timber framers from North America and the UK with assistance of our Kwinti workers.  The frame had been cut over the previous 6 months by 3 TFG framers working in Paramaribo.

Beginning to put together frame 9 Nov 2005
Raising bent 5 (of 14) on Sat,12 Nov

Imagine going to school far away from any roads, or school bus or even a town! We live in a park (Central Suriname Nature Reserve) the size of New Jersey. There are no roads or homes in the park!

Our camp is called Raleighvallen and it is on Foengoe Island in the Coppename River. We get to Raleighvallen by canoe.  It is also possible to fly in a small plane. There are only10 to 20 other people in the entire park!  Some people help with guiding tourists and cooking, others study the monkeys. We are the only school children.  Two troops of monkeys live on our island.  The squirrel monkeys are very friendly; they visit camp every day.  The howlers are shy but we hear them every night! 

We want to share our stories, pictures and projects.  Thank you for visiting our website!

We study surrounded by river, forest and animals:

Pascal and Bryan working hard
Pascal, Bryan, Omar and Esi

In the middle of the Central Suriname Nature Reserve, Amazonia, South America