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We are four kids who live together in one family although our origins are diverse.  Bryan and Omar were born in Jamaica and joined the family (in Ghana) when they were four and three.  Esi and Pascal were born in Ghana and moved to Suriname in 1999 and 2000 respectively.  We all speak English at home and in school but we also use Sranan Tonga with our Raleighvallen friends.

Omar on the boat to Raleighvallen

  I was born in Jamaica twelve years ago.  I lived in Ghana for 5 years before my family moved to Suriname. I like to make things like jewelry.  My email is omaroshow@yahoo.com

Pascal with anumara
I am 14 years old. I was born in Ghana, West Africa. Some of my hobbies are soccer, basketball, football, and just about any other sport.  I like to go to school with kids my age and don't like being homeschooled although I am homeschooled now. It's not as bad as I thought but I still don't like it. I make friends very easily and like to help out those in need, if possible. I am pretty good at sticking up for those rejected or in need of friends. I love to eat just about everything and in large quantities. I do my best at everything especially at sports. I am a very fast learner when it comes to sports and put in a lot of effort. I give all I have because I love it. I also like to run but I have bad knees so I don't run very often. I also love to fish as you can see. Almost all the pictures of me here are of me with fish. I am also a card shark. I like company as most humans do. I don't have any enemies that I know of cause I get along very well with everybody (except maybe my brothers and sister). The whole point of this website is to share our experiences learning in the rain forest. If you do have any questions at all don't hesitate to email me at africansoccerkid@yahoo.com or riverboatgambler@hotmail.com.

Esi with birthday butterflies

Now I am eight.  This picture was taken on my birthday.  The butterflies gather in large groups near the river.  I love swimming, school, Groovy Girls, Barbie dolls and my Daddy.  In the summer I like to play with my cousins in New Hampshire.  I like to play with my dogs (but they can't come to the park).  My email address is esirocks@yahoo.com

Bryan clearing the basketball court
I am thirteen.  I am from Jamaica, moved to Ghana for five years and now I am in Suriname with my brothers and sis.  Among the boys I am the cutest. I love to play sports and cook. When I grow up I want to be a chef 'cause I think it is cool.  I also like to ride the unicycle.

My favorite subject is English 'cause I like to write stories. I live for the summer at the lake in New Hampshire where I like to hang put with my friends and girlfriend. But here in Suriname when I am not in the jungle I like to hang out with my friends at the mall.  If you would like to contact me my e-mail address is ibeemonee@yahoo.com and my other e-mail is joker_864@hotmail.com  You can also get me on my MSN same address as my hotmail.

Our dad (Bryan and Omar's) is involved with design and management for the largest  pristine rainforest park in the world, the Central Suriname Nature Reserve.  We were adopted when our dad was working in Ghana at Kakum Park.  Pascal's father has worked with our family for years so he is educated with us.  We hope that Esi's adoption will be finalized this summer.  We all live in the park at the visitor headquarters at Raleighvallen (Raleigh Falls) on the Coppename River.   Our teacher is our aunt, Anne.


In the middle of the Central Suriname Nature Reserve, Amazonia, South America